Toddler Development Milestones

Experts place toddlers as children from ages one to three years old, a moment of your little angel’s life suspended between being an infant and a preschooler. Aside from infancy, this age also needs constant attention and care as they are more prone to injury, poisoning and various behavioral disorders. Being a toddler is also an area of growth and development not only in physically but mentally and emotionally as well. This article will tackle toddler milestones and what you can do as a parent to help them out:

Physical toddler development milestones:

  1. Being able to throw and kick a ball (12 months-24 months) – Shortly after your child’s first birthday cake, he will most likely show an interest for ball play. Initially, he will throw the ball around, waiting for someone else to pick it up and give it to them or picking it up on their own. Kicking the ball typically comes around when they reach 2 years old. It is important that you assist and guide the child on these activities, especially since they are not as adept in handling the ball compared to school-age children.
  2. Being able to push and pull (12-18 months) – This milestone oftentimes depends on the child’s ability and confidence to walk as well. Once they get the hang of using their feet to move around and to be able to coordinate the movements of their hands and feet well, they will also have an affinity to pull or push toys along with them.  Provide them toys that they can push and pull around such as toy cars with strings. It is important to remember to restrict the cord only up to 12 inches to avoid potential for strangulation.
  3. Potty training (24-36 months) – This is probably one of the most exciting toddler milestones for most parents as they would no longer need to spend on diapers. However, it is important to remember that the readiness of children differ from time to time. Your child needs to be able to show initiative when he needs to go to the potty or when he shows interest in potty-training. If you see these signs in your child, you can begin toilet training.

Psychosocial toddler development milestones

  1. Being able to acquire independence (18-36 months) – Normally, it isn’t until their second year that toddlers feel like being their own individual instead of a joined entity with that of their primary caregiver. As a parent or guardian, it is your duty to assist your toddler into acquiring that independence. Offer him choices such as what food he likes to eat, what clothes he would like to wear in the morning, what color of hanky he would like to bring and so on. You should also allow your child to explore on his own.
  2. Being able to learn empathy (24 months) – This is an important psychosocial milestone for your toddler as it enables them to find a bond between their emotions and those with other people. It is your responsibility to help them cope with the emotions by identifying and exploring them instead of trying to fix it.

These physical and psychosocial toddler milestones need assurance and guidance.


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