Travel Steamer Reviews – Top 3 Travel Steamers

A fabric steamer or a garment steamer is a portable ironing device that uses steam to remove wrinkles from clothes. They are especially preferred for the more delicate and expensive fabrics as they prevent damage and other detrimental effects. Although the fabric steamer was invented in the 1940s, this compact and easy to carry steamer is a fairly modern invention.

Commonly referred to as “travel steamer”, this portable sized fabric steamer is the perfect solution for people worried about requesting an iron and ironing board at hotels, or even worse, sending clothes to the valet to be ironed.

The perfect travel steamer would be light yet powerful and easy to use and handle (with a firm and comfortable grip). It should be well priced, easily storable and have the necessary control options (for on/off and steam output control). The safety feature (automatic turn off) shouldn’t be missing and with every refill of water, it should give out steam for the duration of the ironing task.

I have taken a look at some travel steamer reviews and the top 3 best travel steamers based on consumer ratings and comments are:

Travel Steamer Reviews

1. Jiffy Travel Steamer

Jiffy’s Esteam Travel Steamer, which resembles a thermos, gives up to 15 minutes of steam with one refill. It gives out the hottest steam of all, and is especially powerful even though it is only powered by 600 watts. It is compact and costs around $50 which is relatively more expensive than the other travel steamers reviewed, but the extra cost is justified as it can be used in other places around the house (i.e. steaming curtains). The few complaints people do have about it are that it doesn’t steam long enough sometimes and holding it sideways causes some water leakage.

2. SteamFast Compact Fabric Steamer

The other consumer favorite is Steamfast’s Compact Fabric Steamer SF-435W, priced at around $30. It heats up quickly and provides about 12 minutes of steam per refill. The steam isn’t as hot as Jiffy’s but effective enough to serve the purpose, especially when traveling. Just like a good travel steamer should be, it is light and small. The few complaints received on this unit are about some water dripping onto clothes being steamed, and the steam time which requires refill and wait (for it to heat up) before continuing use.

3. Rowenta Ultra Steam

The best travel steamer (according to Good Housekeeping magazine) is believed to be Rowenta’s Ultra Steam DR5020 available at $40. With 800 watts of power, it does not remove deeper creases very effectively, but is great for overall work. It gives out the maximum amount of steam, making it the favorite travel steamer. It is light and compact, and comes with the dual attachment and pouch, just like Steamfast’s. Like all travel steamers, this one is also not flawless and has received complaints about water dripping during use.

Some heavy garments like denim can be difficult to straighten with portable travel steamers as they require some wait-time before each session of refilling water and steaming but it is possible with some perseverance and preparation beforehand . They are, however, more suited to smaller, lighter items such as shirts and tops. Overall travel steamers are a great accessory to take on journeys if you want to look your best especially at the low prices they’re available for.

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