Top 3 Travel Purses – Organize Your Belongings and Keep Them Safe

The idea of traveling conjures up some delightful images of adventure, fun and thrill among all of us, yet the effort that goes into packing for a holiday or a business trip can be quite exhausting. Most of us try to stuff as many items as we can in order to ensure that we have enough apparels, accessories and complete paperwork if any to carry on smoothly with the trip.

One of the most important items that can make or break your travel is a spacious yet stylish travel purse. We often tend to ignore its worth, assuming it to be just another item, however it really is an essential part of every trip. Besides keeping the necessary documents like your passport, tickets, a travel purse can even be used to stock any medicines, cosmetic items, keys and much more. The best part is since most travel purses have inbuilt strings, you can simply hang them around your shoulder without having to worry about holding them all the time.

Here are some quick reviews for the top three brands that manufacture travel purses in different styles, shapes and sizes. These can surely help you decide on your best bet and offer you relief from your traveling woes.

Sleek travel clutches

Crafted in different fabrics ranging from suave leather to stylish velvet and more sturdy tweed and synthetic materials, these are small sized travel purses. You can hold them in your hand or can use the string to hang as per your convenience. These are available in a wide array of colors and patterns with shimmer, stripes, floral designs etc; however lack of space is a big disadvantage for these. An average travel purse will cost somewhere around $50 and a high end designer clutch can go as high as $300

Giant sized travel purses

These are specially designed for the purpose of traveling. Mostly crafted in leather, these big purses offer ample spacing options as they are separated into several sections with zippers and compartments to store and manage your belongings without any fuss. They are best suited for a professional trip as these look quite subtle and smart, also due to the material used (leather); these are quite durable and long lasting. Large bags have a sober color palette with the shades of brown, tan, red, green and the classic black. These oversized purses can range anywhere from $75 to $800(for a designer travel purse).

Security travel purses

These smart purses are designed to ensure your safety as these are lined with stainless steel wires mesh around the bottom as well as the strap of the purse. Many security purses are even built with latches around the zipper pull, which can make it difficult for a thief to open the purse .Usually made out of sporty materials like nylon and parachute, these are light in weight, quite spacious and of course extremely safe to carry while traveling. A good quality purse can cost approximately $50 and a high end purse will be priced at around $250

Choosing the right travel purse requires a rational approach considering the kind of trip you are planning, the duration the necessities you need to carry, your taste and last but not the least your budget for it.

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