Public Speaking Phobia – Should You Try a Public Speaking Phobia Course?

Imagine yourself facing a big crowd of people with the microphone glistening under the stage lights, ready to take you on and broadcast what you have to say. Imagine yourself in your spanking new formal attire with the message you have to say fully embedded on your mind and on the piece of paper you clutch against your palm. Imagine yourself preparing your mind and your body for the onslaught of sensation as you walk towards the podium or in front of the class where you’re about to speak. Although feeling a little bit nervous and anxious of how your speech would turn out are all normal reactions before a speech, it takes a whole different meaning if you are suffering from the public speaking phobia.

Instead of feeling only slightly anxious for your upcoming speech, you just might feel like you can’t walk or you’re suddenly raring to go to the bathroom. A lot of people with glossophobia skip various academic and career opportunities in an attempt to avoid public speaking.

What is a phobia and what are its symptoms?

It is commonly called as the “irrational fear” wherein the phobic person experiences emotional and physical distress when exposed to the object or situation that is feared. In the case of a glossophobic, he/she becomes excessively anxious at the mere thought or possibility of talking in front of a large crowd. Commonly, the symptoms associated with phobia is sweating, having clammy hands and feet, shaking, stomach upset, difficulty in breathing and increase in heart rate. There are also people who begin to become restless and irritable.

What is the public speaking phobia treatment?

Commonly, the treatment method of desensitization is one of the most common interventions for any types of phobias, including glossophobia. This method is done by gradually exposing the phobic patient to his/her fears. Example, the initial process may begin with the glossophobic patient being given handouts and pamphlets that talk about public speaking. After this stage, the exposure increases. Instead of relying only on handouts and pamphlets, the glossophobic patient will most probably be taken to places where speeches are commonly done or be brought to listen to a person giving a speech. Ultimately, the glossophobic patient will finally be given the chance to speak in front of a huge crowd.

Courses for those who are suffering from glossophobia are also usually offered. These courses claim to help you get rid of your fears of public speaking effectively. Some people are skeptical in enrolling in these courses, thinking that their money might not be worth it. Typically, these courses are a combination of desensitization therapy, talk therapy and self-help therapy. It also offers classes on public speaking, gaining confidence and losing the anxiety. This unique and comprehensive method ensures optimal results.

When choosing the right public speaking phobia course to enroll in, make sure that it fits your time schedule and that you can afford it. These courses are worth your time and money so make sure that you take advantage of the features and services once you get enrolled.

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