Facial Steamers – The Solution for Dry Skin and Acne?

Personally, I think facial steamers and acne make up the best combination for skin care treatment even though steamed vapors were more popularly used for nasal and respiratory relief rather than an acne solution. I truly believe the steam’s effectiveness in unclogging pores adds tremendous cleansing efficiency to my over-the-counter facial cleanser with microbeads and skin whitening ingredients. Using just a facial cleanser sloughs away only the top layer of dirt and oil without cleaning out the tightly clogged ones. But with a facial steamer, we may have a chance to reduce acne growth because constant heat results to enlarged skin pores where sweat flows.

Further Steps to Increase Effectiveness Are Recommended

However, steaming is not enough to dislodge those thick blockages from my skin pores. These substances commonly develop into blackheads or pimples, which have solid cores. To rid of blemishes and acne, you need a skin care therapist to extract the softened cores. An expert knows to extract without injuring your skin and causing acne scars to develop. Hydration, toning and moisturizing usually follow extractions to give your skin the nourishment and encouragement it needs to heal. Formulas used in these later treatments help get rid of dry skin and contain antioxidants, which speeds up cellular growth, and organic ingredients, such as lanolin and aloe vera, that have essential vitamins and proteins our cells need to repair themselves.

Adding an antibacterial essential oil, such as tea tree or lavender, increases the effectiveness of facial steamers in the fight against acne. If you want, you may also use extracts from ground fresh herbs, such as eucalyptus, or from squeezed fruits, such as lemon. The vapors carry antibacterial properties that immediately kills the bacteria that thrives on embedded dirt and excess sebum in skin pores. Without bacteria, your pimples do not spread rapidly and get infected easily, eliminating painful outbreaks.

The Final Result – Beautiful Skin

Aside from sweating, the skin also looks flushed due to increased blood flow. With improved circulation, our skin cells receive more oxygen than usual. Oxygen is also a vital element in promoting cellular growth, which your skin needs to heal inflamed areas of acne. At the same time, an increased circulation also means an excess number of waste products go into the blood stream for filtering through the excretory system. These waste products may include chemicals, such as urea and trace minerals, that the body doesn’t need, and bits of harmful organisms, such as bacteria and viruses, that our lymphatic system needs to destroy or render harmless.

Caveats and Points to Note

Yet, similar to any other health method or medical tool, the use of a facial steamer has its downside. Too much heat or too frequent steaming can aggravate acne instead of reducing its spread or relieving its symptoms. In my case, I mixed boiling water and teat tree oil in a bowl and covered my head with a large towel. Unlike spa kits or electric facial steamers, the homemade facial I had will just cool down after the boiling water is poured. As a word of advice, acne sufferers who purchased a facial steamer, a facial sauna or a spa facial kit should choose a product with a configurable timer for different periods and an automatic shutoff to prevent overexposure to heat.

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