Facial Steamer Reviews – The Top 3 Facial Steamers

Ever think of how soothing the steam from a hot shower feels on your face, wondering how you can get your skin to look so hydrated and feel so refreshed without getting into a hot shower to do it every time? There’s a solution for that, and it’s called a facial steamer! Facial steamers are fantastic tools for rejuvenating and cleansing the skin. The common facial steamer usually has a reservoir tank that heats up the water and releases it in steam form from some port or extension that allows for easy exposure to the neck and face. Often, you can find facial steamers at any salon or spa. Some have a few additional features depending on the type of facial steaming experience they offer or where they are to be used, whether it is at home or in a salon setting. In general, they help your face look and feel hydrated and brightened whilst opening up pores to promote the removal of dirt, oil, and debris. This makes them a great alternative to facial scrubs and chemical peels. For sufferers of acne, facial steamers open and clear out the pores of grease and grime, proving to be beneficial in the treatment and prevention of breakouts while soothing damaged skin with the warmth of steam. Hot steam is great for aging skin, too: it stimulates collagen regeneration and activates the hydrophilic properties of skin to make it appear smoother and softer. If you are looking for a natural way to stimulate cleansing, moisturizing, and rejuvenation of your skin, facial steamers are truly the perfect solution.

A lesser known use of facial steamers would include the application of them for respiratory health issues, including colds and seasonal allergies. These are very useful tools for individual treatments of soothing steam to help break up congestion and relieve symptoms. They can also be used to humidify interior dwellings for great respiratory benefits.

Facial Steamer Reviews – My Top 3

1. Secura Hot & Cool Facial Steamer Micro-fine Mist Sauna w/ Essence Oil and Herbal Therapy

This is a facial steamer with two special features you may have not experienced ever before, except for in the spa or salon. The first feature includes combination hot and cold therapy to stimulate pores for optimum facial steaming results. As the hot steam removes grease, dirt, and debris from your skin, the alternating cool mist soothes, shrinks the pores, and tightens up the skin for a bright and refreshed appearance. The cool mist has been found to be beneficial in reducing skin inflammation, redness, and spots. The second special feature of this facial steamer is a built-in chamber in which you can add essential oils and other herbal extracts for more benefits to your skin. This makes this a great tool for giving yourself a small aromatherapy treatment along with stimulating your skin with beneficial herbal applications. Also, if you happen to be sick and have a respiratory and/or sinus problem, this tool would prove extremely beneficial in the application of herbal and essential oil treatments to aid in healing.

2. Conair Facial Sauna Systems with Timer

Enjoy all the benefits of a facial sauna experience with a built in timer to customize the length of your regular steaming sessions. With this system, you can have a cosmetic facial cleansing or beneficial nasal clearing experience from anywhere between three and fifteen minutes. For operational safety purposes, this unit can even automatically turn itself off after 45 minutes. This facial steamer has been specifically made to work interchangeably to apply steam to skin and help clear nasal and sinus passages, utilizing plastic cones in order to make either use of choice desired available. It includes a large cone 6-3/4 inches wide that works best for facial applications. Also included is a small cone 3-1/2 inches wide that works best for nasal applications. Additionally, this system includes two gentle exfoliating brushes and a sponge for applying moisturizer of your choice.

3. Facial Steamer Mag Light Combo SSE211

This is a great combination facial steamer systems with a special Ozone and Mag Light Combo. The light offers fantastic illumination for whatever you may like to examine in a brighter light while using the steamer and features a burnout protection switch. The unit has an automatic safety shut off feature and even includes a timer for custom lengths of steaming sessions. It has wheels, ideal for efficient and easy transport in busy salons. Its operation is very simplistic and is quiet when switched on, making it fantastic for quick and easy use without disturbing surrounding customers or interfering with a relaxing and rejuvenating facial steaming experience.

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