How To Reply To A Resignation Letter

A Resignation Letter and Reply to Resignation Letter are both Professional Courtesies

A resignation letter, also called a termination letter, is a professional courtesy. It makes the transition for an employee who is leaving a company all that more easy. Therefore, to make the shift from one employee to the next, a reply to resignation letter is as helpful as it is professional.

A Basic Template for a Reply to Resignation – What it Should Contain

In most cases, you will be sending a reply to resignation letter for purposes of confirming your receipt of an employee’s resignation letter, expressing your regret that the employee is leaving, and conveying what future steps will be facilitated with respect to transition if the employee is one of your support staff.

Send a Copy of the Reply to Human Resources and the Payroll Department

A reply to a resignation letter should also be copied for reference as well as inclusion in the file of the employee who is leaving—usually a copy sent to Human Resources and another delivered to the Payroll Department of a company. Of course, some employees may not send you a formal resignation letter but an email. In turn, you should still provide the same approach when drafting an email reply. The following reply to a resignation letter is one that you would send to a management level employee who is leaving your organization. As you will see, this sample is a little more personalized as the reply is drafted from one of the departing employee’s management peers.

Dear Martin:

Thank you for your correspondence. I regret that you are leaving in your job as Senior Analyst. However, I understand your reasons for doing so. You have been a valuable employee in our Financial Planning Department and have demonstrated your proficiency by being an important member of my team during the time you’ve worked here at the ABC Company.

I appreciate the commitment you’ve made to the smooth running of this department, especially with respect to reducing certain expenditures, all which helped the ABC Company realize stronger profits and continued growth.

Again, I value your contributions as well as support in this department and, hopefully, can remain in contact with you in your future role.


[Name of Sender]



Sending a Reply to Resignation to Support Staff

When sending a reply to resignation letter to a support person in your company, such as an administrative assistant, you, again, will want to express your regret that the employee is leaving and show understanding for her decision. In addition, you will want to indicate that you will be sending your reply to her resignation letter to departments that will be involved in the departure process, or Human Resources and Accounting.

A Bit More Personalized

As you can see, the reply for a professional staff member versus a support employee is basically the same. However, the reply to resignation letter to a professional or management level employee is generally a little bit more personal in nature, albeit still formalized, in its presentation.

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