5 Tips For Potty Training Boys

There are many potty training tips for boys online today. It is no secret that training boys is not easy. However, it is not as hard as many people make it either. If you do it the right way, you should be able to get results quickly and easily.

Of course, there is a lot of potty training for boys information online. Some of it is contradictory. Therefore, it can be difficult to know who to listen to. If you are confused about the process, here are 5 potty training tips that work:

My Potty Training Tips For Boys

1. Be prepared

Before you begin, you want to make sure you have a few things in hand. First of all, get a boy doll (it will come in handy later). Make sure you have a few potties (2-3) so that you have one ready if required. Get underpants, and preferably brightly colored ones with interesting pictures on it (i.e. cartoons)

Also, consider going with a wall chart and stickers. This just gives them something to look out while learning to go.

2. Make it fun

In general, boys tend to be stubborn. They want to do things their own way. So if you are instructing them, they probably will not respond well to a strong disciplining approach. Instead, you want to try and make a game out of it. For instance, you could demonstrate the process by potty training the boy doll you just bought. Also, you could reward them when they do it right by giving them a treat they like.

If you take a negative reinforcement approach, you probably will not see great results. In many instances they will lose interest if you are just telling them what to do. If you get them involved in the process, they will be more likely to follow your instructions.

Also, let them know they are accomplishing something. Make it clear to them that this is something that big boys do. If you let them know this is a positive thing, they might be more likely to listen.

By the same token, do not get mad if an accident does occur. This is to be expected. Accidents will happen in the beginning, and getting mad at them will just make things worse.

Also, avoid pushing them too much, as this can produce stress. Instead, you want to go at a relaxed pace. It might be helpful to set aside 2-3 days and focus exclusively on potty training. Weekends are ideal, because most people do not work and they can focus more fully on the subject. If you try to squeeze training into a regular busy day, you will just create more stress for both of you.

3. Wait until they are old enough

If you try to train them too early, they will not be able to understand what you are telling them. Instead, you want to wait until they can understand basic instructions and know the words associated with the training. This way, you will have better success.

Obviously the exact age they are ready is different for everyone. The main thing to evaluate is whether they have enough verbal understanding or not. If they have difficulty with this, you are going to have your work cut out for you.

Also, see if they are becoming more independent. If they are beginning to desire to pull up their own pants, it might be time to train them. In addition, they should be able to last for 2-3 hours without wetting the diaper. This means they are starting to be able to hold it better.

4. Improve their diet

What they eat obviously affects how easily they can go. Many people feed their boys insufficient quantities of fiber. This just constipates them, which makes the teaching process more difficult.

Instead, you want to feed them a lot of fruits and vegetables. Do not give them meat or dairy products (including milk), as this can constipate them. If they are having a difficult time going, they will not be able to grasp the subject as quickly. By the same token, make sure they are consuming plenty of water. This is important for helping them to go frequently, which helps the training go better.

5. Get rid of the diapers

If they still use diapers, they will probably be less inclined to take the training seriously. You need to show them you are committed by eliminating the diapers.


Potty training for boys is not as hard as many think. If you do it the right way, you can see results very quickly. Use these 5 potty training tips, and you should have a well trained boy very shortly.

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