Top 3 Bed Rails For Toddlers

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), babies and toddlers should never spend the night in their parents’ beds or any adults’ beds for that matter. This is because babies who sleep with adults face a higher risk of strangulation or suffocation, according to a study carried out by CPSC. Unfortunately, many baby-sitters and parents are unaware of this danger. According to the CPSC, cribs equipped with tight-fitting and firm mattresses as well as bed rails are the safest place for a baby or a toddler to sleep in.

However, there are special instances when an adult bed can be used. Most children are able to climb out of their cribs when they reach a height of 35 inches. When your kid starts climbing out of the crib, then it is about time that you ditched the crib for a bigger bed. Below are the top three bed rails for toddlers as rated by

Toddler Bed Rail Reviews

1. KidCo Convertible Crib/Bed Rail Mesh

This bed rail will set you back $25.35, which is a good bargain considering the safety that the toddler will be assured of. This bed rail mesh is primarily designed to be used with convertible cribs.


  • It has a height of 13 to 14 inches.
  • It is quite easy to install as it does not require the use of any tools.
  • It is extremely strong as it is made of mesh and steel.
  • It is suitable for kids between the ages of one and three years.
  • It is best suited for use in cribs and especially those that are built with a toddler in mind.
  • The KidCo convertible crib helps the toddler transition from a crib to a bed designed for big kids.

2. Classic Toddler Bed Conversion Kit

The classic toddler bed conversion kit comes in at second place. Even though it can be used as a bed rail, it is essentially a conversion kit. This kit costs a cool $250. It measures 54¼”W x 30¼”D x 24½”H.


  • It is white in color which ensures that it matches up with all cribs that come with a classic finish in the market.
  • It easily converts the classic Oeuf crib into a likeable toddler bed.
  • It is very easy to put together.
  • It is suitable for toddlers between the ages of 1 to 5.
  • It is manufactured in accordance with the strictest European environmental products. The eco-MDF materials provide a secure and sturdy structure which has its origins from the republic of Latvia that is known for their robust woodworking heritage.
  • The locally sourced wood which is used to make this bed conversion kit is finished with water-based and non-toxic finishes.

Owners of Oeuf classic cribs can use this conversion kit to come up with a stylish and practical toddler bed. According to the manufacturers, the resulting toddler bed will reinforce the toddler’s new found sense of independence by facilitating the easy climbing in and out of the bed. The side rails, low mattress and cozy size guarantees security for your toddler and prevent incidences of night-time spills.

3. Kidco Convertible Crib Wooden Bed Rail

Kidco convertible crib wooden bed rail comes in third. It costs $69.95, which is quite affordable to many people. It presents excellent value for money and several consumer reviews point out that it could easily be the best in the market. It is basically a type of bed rail designed for kids between the ages of one and three and works best in a crib styled bed.


  • It does not require the use of specialised tools to install. Other types of toddler bed rails require a lot of time and the use of tools to install.
  • It width is adjustable. This is vital to avoid gaps that a toddler could fit into. This could potentially result in injury or death. Its width is adjusted through the use of straps.
  • It is capable of supporting toddlers with a maximum weight of 30lbs. This means that it is capable of supporting the vast majority of kids within the stipulated age group since most of them are seldom heavier than this.

The aforementioned top 3 toddler bed rails have very few if any cons. The bottom line is that a bed rail has the ability to protect your son or daughter in their early formative years by preventing incidences of strangulation and suffocation especially when they share a bed with adults.

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