Top 3 Free Self Hypnosis Software


Millions of people have become interested in free self hypnosis software to help them go through with hypnosis even without the helping hand of hypnotists. Hypnosis is referred to as a mental state brought about by a hypnotic induction, which is oftentimes made up of instructions and suggestions for the person being hypnotized. Although hypnotism [...]

Using Self Hypnosis To Stop Smoking


Smoking is considered to be a health hazard. While nonsmokers smirk at the sight of people who smoke, thinking all about the ill health effects brought about by tobacco, smokers find it harder to quit even though they are aware of what smoking will bring to their body. There are ingredients in cigarettes and tobaccos [...]

Ways to Stop Smoking with Self Hypnosis

stop smoking

Quitting smoking, or any other habit, is a die-hard battle between your conscious and the subconscious mind. And in the end, it is almost always the sub-conscious that wins. It is so because of years you may have spent convincing your subconscious how much you enjoy it. And it is going to take more than [...]