Ways to Overcome Fear of Death and Dying


It is a known fact that everyone will sooner or later face dying. It doesn’t matter if you’re young and old, if you’re rich or poor or if you’re a man or a woman. Death doesn’t choose race, age or social status. Everyone ends up in its fangs. However, not everyone is ready to face [...]

The Benefits of Bereavement Counseling Groups


Bereavement is the circumstantial state of grief after having lost a loved one. It is the heartache after the death of a person we were emotionally attached to, just the thought of which is shuddering. It feels difficult to go on when someone you love dies. It is a normal, appropriate, multi-faceted and multi-stage condition [...]

Life After Death: Coping with the Loss of a Mother


We all love our families. It is our family that makes us who we are; rather our family is who we are. Every member of our family holds a special place in our hearts; a place that none other can take. And the highest place among them is held by the one person who means [...]