5 Tips For Potty Training Boys

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There are many potty training tips for boys online today. It is no secret that training boys is not easy. However, it is not as hard as many people make it either. If you do it the right way, you should be able to get results quickly and easily. Of course, there is a lot [...]

The Total Transformation Review: My Experience After 4 Months

total transformation

Any child can become defiant on occasion. Some become extremely defiant and even act with hostility toward a parent. This total transformation review will explain how the program can help you and how it has helped me and my young child. What Is “The Total Transformation?” The Total Transformation program is a collection of CDs [...]

Child Behavior Problems: Understand and Manage The Disorder

child behavior problems

Many children have mental and emotional disorders that typically result in child behavior problems. At least one in five children and adolescents are diagnosed as having a mental health issue that can cause a significant change in their actions and conduct. Mental and emotional disorders are not the only causes of a child’s negative behavior. [...]

Child Discipline Tips: How to Discipline a 2 Year Old

child discipline

As I look back to recall how I disciplined my five children when they were 2 year old and compare my mental notes with my observations of how my children discipline their own,  I realized I was not a perfect mother but neither am I a lousy one.  To my grandchildren, anyway, I am the [...]

How Much Sleep Do New Parents Lose?


It’s almost better not to know in advance how much sleep you are going to lose that first year of having a child. You’ll continue to lose sleep after that, it’s just that the first year is so treacherous that years two and three will seem like minor speed bumps. So what’s the damage here? [...]

How to Help Children Develop and Improve Writing Skills


When I was a little girl, I remember my mom telling me to talk only when I know what to say…and then say it well! It’s like promising only what you can deliver and then, deliver more than your promise. Communication, written or verbal paves way to a confident existence. Life becomes more meaningful and [...]

The Stages of Emotional Development in Children


Erik Erikson was a developmental psychologist and psychoanalyst who took on his identity from his American-German-Danish roots. He was basically known for his social development theory and popular in the academic world for coming up with the phrase identity crisis. Despite the fact that Erikson lacked the bachelor’s degree, he has taught at upscale educational [...]

Tips on Step Parenting Young Children

step parenting

Let’s face it. With the number of marriages going into divorce and even the death of one partner, there is also an increasing number of parents who have become step parents to the their partner’s children. As if parenting is not hard enough since you are not only burdened with the bills, the children’s education [...]

5 Educational Preschool Toys for Boys and Girls

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Preschool is an important stage for a child’s growth and development.  It is a moment of their life where their curiosity gets the best of them. It is where they have higher levels of energy to do the things they want. It is where they always want to learn new things and they are always [...]

3 Effective At Home Child Discipline Techniques


Being a parent is a strenuous role. Not only are you going to worry about paying the bills, you are also responsible for disciplining children. As far as most parents are concerned, they would rather think about the bills than think about how to deal with their misbehaving child. After all, dealing with the discipline [...]

5 Ways to Improve Child Discipline Quickly


Children, no matter what age, can be a challenge to discipline since they are also starting to gradually gain their own independence and thoughts on things that may differ from those of the parent’s or the guardian’s. However, no matter how difficult it is to instill discipline in your children, it is still important to [...]

Child Dyslexia – Treatment Options for Child Dyslexia


Oftentimes, the society looks at children who have a hard time reading, writing or talking as lazy or to put it plainly, stupid. This has put a damper on numerous children who have a lot of potential but only a few people who believe in them. What most people fail to realize is that the [...]

Music for Toddlers – 3 Ideas for Toddler Music


For a lot of people, life without the presence of music is just unheard of. Music is a form of life. It is art, science and a form of self-expression as one hears the lyrics and melody that seems to speak so precisely about a person’s life. Music is truly considered to be synonymous to [...]

Hyperactive Child – The Symptoms and Causes of Hyperactive Children


Hyperactivity is a word commonly thrown around these days. Bashful people who suddenly become exceedingly gregarious and vigorous are called hyperactive. Children who consume large amounts of sugar and suddenly become increasingly dynamic are also called hyperactive. Even pets can be called hyperactive, depending on the circumstance. What most people aren’t aware of is that [...]

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Child Counseling


Counseling is an activity normally associated with adults facing various emotional, mental and financial stressful scenarios. However, children, like adults, have some needs, feelings and questions that might need to be explored by a reputable and trusted adult. Counseling services for children have been offered to kids whose parents are getting a divorce, those who [...]

Tips on How to Deal With Aggressive Children


Sometimes, just because they’re children, adults seldom take their aggressiveness seriously. They think kids are merely going to grow out of their aggressiveness as they mature. However, children’s aggressiveness should be considered and dealt with as early as possible to prevent future problems in conduct. Furthermore, allowing aggressive children to work out their internet issues [...]

Common Toddler Behavior Disorders and How To Manage Them


Few parents seem to realize that toddlers, just like adults, could also present cases of behavior disorders. They usually blame it on the circumstances, on moods or on other authority figures, failing to recognize a need for professional help and management until it’s too late. It may be difficult to accept that your toddler has [...]

Toddler Development Milestones


Experts place toddlers as children from ages one to three years old, a moment of your little angel’s life suspended between being an infant and a preschooler. Aside from infancy, this age also needs constant attention and care as they are more prone to injury, poisoning and various behavioral disorders. Being a toddler is also [...]

Defiant Child Syndrome – Ways to Manage Defiant Children


Children are naturally active, curious and at times, disruptive. Their imagination is wild and they are carefree souls that yearn for more discoveries and realizations in life. At these stages of their lives, it is important that their parents or guardians care for them and provide for their needs well. Unmet needs at this stage [...]