Facial Steamer Reviews – The Top 3 Facial Steamers

facial steamer

Ever think of how soothing the steam from a hot shower feels on your face, wondering how you can get your skin to look so hydrated and feel so refreshed without getting into a hot shower to do it every time? There’s a solution for that, and it’s called a facial steamer! Facial steamers are [...]

Facial Steamers – The Solution for Dry Skin and Acne?

facial steamer

Personally, I think facial steamers and acne make up the best combination for skin care treatment even though steamed vapors were more popularly used for nasal and respiratory relief rather than an acne solution. I truly believe the steam’s effectiveness in unclogging pores adds tremendous cleansing efficiency to my over-the-counter facial cleanser with microbeads and [...]

Tips for Overcoming Panic Attacks


It’s a beautiful day and you decided to walk instead of driving towards walk. You take in the sights, the ray of sunshine and the smiles of people all around you. You take in the smell of coffee from nearby coffee shops and the breeze on your face. Suddenly, just when you feel like it’s [...]

Social Phobia Treatments


Typically, human beings are innately social beings. We’ve probably heard of the saying “No man is an island” a million times before and it rings true. It is difficult for us not to interact and connect with other people no matter how small or insignificant the interaction is. However, for people suffering from social phobia, [...]

Public Speaking Phobia – Should You Try a Public Speaking Phobia Course?


Imagine yourself facing a big crowd of people with the microphone glistening under the stage lights, ready to take you on and broadcast what you have to say. Imagine yourself in your spanking new formal attire with the message you have to say fully embedded on your mind and on the piece of paper you [...]

How To Manage Phobia of Driving

driving phobia

Although public transportation are reliable when you need them, having your own car to drive around for errands, for dates or even just the impulse trips you’re prone to making is more convenient compared to relying solely on buses and the subway. Driving is faster and an easier mode of transport especially for those who [...]

Fear of Crowds – Symptoms and Treatments


Unless you’re a hermit who spends your entire life living on the mountains and the food that can be acquired from it, crowds are deemed to be inevitable. Whether you’re into sporting events, at a friend’s party, waiting at the subway or going at the malls, crowd are everywhere. Although it doesn’t really pose a [...]

Do Fear of Flying Classes Work?


Aerophobia, commonly known as the fear of flying or flight, affects roughly thousands of people around the world. Despite the fact that airplanes are rigged with numerous safety and comfort features to ensure a safe and comfortable flight wherever you are heading, there are still those who are skeptical of ever allowing their feet to [...]

How to Overcome Fear of Flying


For some people, airports are the venue for tears of separation and smiles of being together again. But for others who are suffering from aviophobia, it is a place where deadly disasters are waiting to happen. You can immediately pinpoint people who are scared of flight as they find almost every excuse in existence to [...]

7 Daily Weight Loss Affirmations


Losing weight is a hard and continuous battle most people have to face for reasons of health and aesthetics. Everywhere you look, temptation is waiting to set you astray from your path towards wellness and a lean body. There are fast food restaurants in every corner and the television and internet distracting you from exercising. [...]

How to Overcome Fear of Dogs in Children


Dogs are cuddly and adorable creatures that have been considered as a man’s best friend since time immemorial. In fact, you may have grown up with one or two dogs since you were a child. But what happens when you notice that your little kids are scared of dogs? Do you have to give up [...]

How to Overcome Fear of Needles


It’s amazing how there are some people who look so intensely tough and rock-ribbed on the exterior. However, the moment you announce a doctor’s appointment or worse, injection shots, they just look like they’ve been faced against a fire-breathing dragon. Fear of needles, otherwise known as the trypanophobia. Injections are deemed to be inevitable throughout [...]

Ways to Overcome Fear of Rejection


Rejection is inevitable but fear of rejection is not. This fear may not only hinder forming new relationships with other people but may also obstruct you from obtaining success. In the worst case scenario, you end up being a recluse who doesn’t have a social life to begin with. For instance, you may like this [...]

5 Books on Meditation That You Need To Read

Meditation Books

Like any other science and art, meditation needs to be studied and read about in order to fully comprehend its place and goal in our lives. For a lot of people who are neophytes in the world of meditation, understanding its principles can be difficult not to mention confusing. Fortunately, there is a lot of [...]

Deepak Chopra Meditation Techniques


Deepak Chopra, the founder of Deepak Chopra meditation techniques, started his humble beginnings in New Delhi, India where he was born on October 22, 1946. When he was of a young age, Chopra primarily envisioned himself as a journalist or an actor. However, he chanced upon a character in Arrowsmith by Sinclair Lewis and dreamed [...]

Websites to Download Guided Meditation Audio for Free


In the middle of a stressful and demanding world filled with people who are too busy and too tired to fully realize their potential, there are a handful who has recognized the benefits of turning to guided meditation audio not only for their physical well-being but emotional and mental health as well. For one, meditation [...]

5 Tips To Manage Anxiety Attacks Instantly and Discreetly


The anxious feeling struck again. You’re feeling on the edge, worried about something but you can’t quite pinpoint what that is. You’re feeling tense. The slightest movement and the slightest noise reels you over to the edge of tension and an unknown oblivion. You want to do your job, watch TV or surf the web [...]

Top 5 Ways to Gain Diet Motivation Instantly

diet motivation

Obesity, as we all know, is the root cause of a number of health problems. These may also include life threatening ones like those related to the heart. The main cause of obesity, in turn, is an unhealthy lifestyle, i.e. unhealthy eating habits as well as lack, or perhaps absence, of exercises.