Your Options in a Resignation Reply Letter

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Replying to Correspondence When you reply to correspondence, you can be replying to one of a number of kinds of letters received from either outside clients or employees within your firm. Therefore, your reply should be presented in a formalized matter. Because you will be communicating, most generally, in writing, you want to put forth [...]

How To Reply To A Resignation Letter

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A Resignation Letter and Reply to Resignation Letter are both Professional Courtesies A resignation letter, also called a termination letter, is a professional courtesy. It makes the transition for an employee who is leaving a company all that more easy. Therefore, to make the shift from one employee to the next, a reply to resignation [...]

3 Effective Team Building Activities for Adults

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I’ve found that no matter how compatible a group of individuals look on paper, organizations need to have regular team building exercises that ensure that the individuals feel comfortable working as a group and learn more about each others strengths and weaknesses. The importance of healthy and effective communication can also be highlighted through such [...]

5 Team Building Activities for the Workplace

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The success of any organisation is often a direct results of the cohesiveness of the teams at work. The whole organisation is a big team comprising smaller teams as subsets and the key to success is the fabric of team spirit in the functional groups across the organisation. Team building is a vital component in [...]

Business Communication Courses – Which Type Should You Choose?


The business world is a competitive field with jobs slowly dwindling and interest job applicants skyrocketing. It is often difficult to get hired in a job, much more to become promoted in a company you have been working for in years. If you want to go a long way in your career, you need to [...]

5 Essential Business Communication Skills That You Need To Know


Improving your communication skills can be very important in all areas of your life. It will help you to express yourself in a more thorough manner and also help you gain confidence when interacting with others. In the competitive world of business, having the right business communication skills can mean the difference between climbing to [...]