Invoice Financing: Solving Cash Flow Problems With Factoring

invoice finance

Every entrepreneur aims to not only keep the doors of their business open, but also to grow those businesses. One possible solution that will avail working capital that will help a business achieve those goals is for example, factoring. Through invoice factoring, a business is able to extend credit to its customers and still have [...]

5 Reasons Expats Should Have An International Bank Account

expat bank account

Imagine the challenges an expatriate would have today attempting to purchase a home in Greece if they only had money in a Greek bank account.  As the question on cutting Greece loose from the Eurozone intensifies, no investor in their right mind is wiling to touch Greek futures.  Yet if you are an expatriate who [...]

What Is Trade Finance?

trade finance

Trade finance is a set of processes which have developed over centuries to facilitate international trade. Importing and exporting are economic activities at the heart of the market system which has heightened the quality of life in countries and cultures around the world. However, businessmen engaged in importing and exporting have always been naturally nervous [...]

How Much Does A Dental Assistant Make?

dental assistant

In an environment of sharp equipment and tricky procedures, a dental assistant can be a source of solace and comfort for nervous patients at a dental office.  Most assistants are warm and friendly individuals who take the time to ask their patients questions and try to put their minds at ease.  Although these individuals are [...]

How To Start A Budget Plan From Scratch


Anybody who wants to live an organised and debt-free life needs to have a budget plan. Just think; in the UK, the Chancellor of the Exchequer has a budget and he lives by that budget. Now, if such a financially savvy personality will insist on living on a budget, it is a clear indication that [...]

How Much Does A Phlebotomist Make?


One of the most exciting careers for people to pursue today is that of a phlebotomist. Amazingly, a phlebotomist salary is much higher than many people could imagine. The average expected salary begins at $49,000 in the United States. The abovementioned salary is something that can prove to be a pleasant surprise for those seeking [...]

Product Testing Jobs: How to Become A Product Tester


Product testing jobs and opportunities are available to anyone who wants to make a little extra income or obtain coupons or products for free. So, how do you become a product tester? Before you find out what steps to take, you should understand why companies seek the services of a product tester as well as [...]

Top 3 Sites to Order Cheap Checks


If you have your own business, you may be looking for places to order cheap checks from. While you want them to be high quality and professional in appearance, you don’t want to pay a hefty fee for the privilege. The good news is, there are three sites online which specialize in low cost checks [...]

My Campus Book Rentals Review

college text books

I am a full-time student on a very limited budget.  While attending college does give me the opportunity to expand my knowledge, purchasing text books can really put a hole in my pocketbook.  When I came across, I was excited at the opportunity to save money.  Campus Book Rentals is an online service that [...]

My Couponizer Review – Do You Need This Coupon Organizer?


Couponing is more than just a way to save money, as it is also a lifestyle for a lot of people.  An avid coupon user such as myself have come to value not just the practice of collecting clippings but also organizing them in a very systematic manner.  Since I started coupons, I found that [...]

3 Ways to Get Cheap Textbooks for College

college textbooks

You may be looking for ways to get cheap textbooks for college, to save on expenses.  After all, attending school can be pricey, with tuition fees and housing costs quickly adding up.  The last thing you need is to spend top dollar on your textbooks, which you will probably never open again once your class [...]

Rent College Textbooks: Save Money By Using This Recommended Service

college text books

Did you know that renting college textbooks can save you money this semester?  While attending college can be a time of tremendous learning and exciting events, it can also be quite expensive as well.  Costs for everything are rising, and higher education is no exception.  You may have seen the tuition rate per credit hour [...]

3 Accounting Resume Samples for An Aspiring Account


Use your Resume to Sell your Skills If you are working at obtaining a job in the field of accounting, then a well-formatted resume can certainly be a boon in the job hunting process. While you can use various formats, you still have to keep in mind what exactly will impress an employer when he [...]

3 Resignation Letter Examples for Nurses: Making Your Exit Professional


A Considerate Gesture when Exiting a Job While you don’t formally have to write a resignation letter when leaving a nursing job, it is still preferred, as it is a part of professional courtesy that you follow the process. Especially, in nursing, streamlining the steps it takes for exiting a job and moving on to [...]

How to Organize Coupons: My Tips

organizing coupons

Using coupons is one of the best ways to save money and provide better for one’s family.  If you are thinking of becoming a frequent coupon user, it is necessary that you understand how they should be organized so you can always have the clippings you need when you need them.  Below are some tips [...]

Studiopress Review – My Experience With Studiopress Themes


When it comes to working with WordPress, one stumbling block that many people face is creating a great design. I have been using the WordPress platform for over 4 years and have created over 50 sites. One of the reasons why I have been able to do this is because I used pre-made WordPress themes.  [...]

The Job Resignation Notice Period Law Explained

job resignation

Resigning from a Job is Not Always that Easy Giving notice that you are planning to resign is not necessarily easy and can entail certain ramifications if the resignation is not handled delicately. However, you can take certain steps to you get through the job resignation period without too much of a struggle. At least, [...]

What Business Email Format Should You Use?

business email format

Use a Professional Approach While a business email format is not a difficult template to follow, the email still should be set up correctly as it is a reflection on your brand and business. Therefore, it is essential to outline the email in a professional manner. Keep the Title Short yet Explanatory The format you [...]

5 Creative Business Proposal Ideas To Guarantee Funding

business proposal ideas

Business Proposal Ideas that will Get you Noticed Are you looking to gain acceptance to finance a business proposal or plan? Well then, you just need to promote your proposal in such a way that will encourage the lender to regard the benefits of funding your business. Therefore, you need to influence the financial decision-makers [...]

How To Write A Business Proposal Letter


A Cover Letter for a Business Proposal A business proposal letter is a type of cover letter that summarizes a business proposal and therefore is a professional means of communication between a seller and prospective buyer. This type of correspondence provides a summary of the business proposal and therefore should be convincing and well-organized. The [...]

How To Write A Business Resume – Concentrate On Writing A Good Objective

A Well-written Objective will Cause an Employer to Read More of a Resume A business resume is formatted so various skills and experiences can be underscored and highlighted. However, your objective, at the top of a business resume, should give an employer an immediate indication that you are a suitable business applicant for a company. [...]

How To Write An Effective Call Center Resume

Design a Resume that is Employer-friendly If you want to get the attention of a call center employer, then you need a resume that is designed to highlight your customer service background in a positive light. In addition to a succinct and professional cover letter, your call center resume should leave no doubt in the [...]

How To Write A Customer Service Resume

resume writing

A Resume that Shows why an Employer Should Pick You The customer service field is an area in business where your communication skills are given high priority. Therefore, you want your resume to reflect your ability to communicate with customers in person and over the telephone. A customer service resume then is the advertisement you [...]

Letter of Intent Template

letter of intent

A Letter of Intent for Reasons of Business Generally, a letter of intent template can be used for a number of reasons. In business, a letter of intent is a non-binding contract that details an agreement reached between two or more parties before a contract is written and signed. While the letter is not a [...]

3 Effective Resume Outlines that will Help you Get a Job


Things to Consider before you Create a Resume Outline Before you set your sights on looking for work, you have to prepare for the task by presenting your skills and qualifications in the best way possible. Therefore, you have to make sure that your resume is one that will encourage an employer to contact you. [...]

How to Write an Effective Nursing Resume

nursing resume

Pinpoint your Skills, Education and Background One thing that is good about preparing a nursing resume is that you definitely know what job you are seeking. Therefore, you can provide a concise summation of your skills, objective and achievements. To obtain a nursing job then that will fit with your expectations, you need to prepare [...]

Resume Layout – 3 Tricks on How to Make your Resume Stand Out


Make your Resume Stand Out with the Right Format When you are preparing a resume layout, your goal is to focus on correctly presenting your qualifications on paper. Therefore, where you place your objective, skills, employment, and educational information is just as important as the qualifications themselves. You really need to familiarize yourself then with [...]

Writing a Business Plan: 5 Rules That You Must Follow

business plan

Writing a business plan gives you the organizational framework you need to ensure organizational success. Therefore, it is important to follow some key rules when constructing the plan. These rules direct you in writing a business plan that is comprehensive as well as organized. You might say that a business plan is not set in [...]

Mortgage Modification: A Hardship Letter Sample


Compose a Sample Hardship Letter If you fall behind on your mortgage due to circumstances that are beyond your control, then in order not to face foreclosure, you will need to contact your mortgage lender. Follow up by composing a hardship letter, stating the reasons why you can’t meet your payments. Compose a hardship letter [...]

5 Things You Will Learn At A Presentation Skills Training Course

presentation skills

  In my line of work I have to give presentations to both adults and children. It is true that effective presenters are not born but made. I’ve listed below a few simple but highly effective pointers that you will learn at any Presentation Skills Training Course. 1. Fear is your Friend – Stage fright [...]

Free Online Resume Builders – Should You Use Them?


Everything is done express nowadays. Haven’t had breakfast yet? Drive through the nearest McDonald’s branch and get your breakfast right after ordering. Need to transfer funds from one bank account to another? Don’t fall in line anymore, there’s mobile banking that can take care of your transactions in minutes. With more and more people depending [...]

Student Debit Cards: Prevent Student Debt with A Prepaid Debit Card

student debt

Well, the time has come; my little girl has gone off to college. I knew it was coming and I prepared for it as much as I could but it still seemed to rush up on me before I was ready. So many things to take care of, so many things to do – and [...]

What Is Envelope Budgeting and How Does It Work?

envelope budgeting

Envelope budgeting is a system that has been use for years. It is a simple way to help yourself  control overspending. Maybe your grandparents used this envelope system themselves, before the age of computers and the Internet. Sometimes some of the best ideas were ideas that were started in simpler times and the envelope budgeting [...]

My Top 5 Personal Money Management Tips

money management

People, as I’ve always observed, do experience difficulties regarding personal money management. I’ve also been there, spending like crazy to finally realize that I’ve overlooked my expenses and didn’t save a dollar. It’s hard especially when there’s a sudden need for cash. That is why it’s always important to save. Saving isn’t really hard at [...]

Student Budget Planning Worksheet Tips and Advice


Financial status-wise, there is nothing harder than being a student. Think about it, you have expenses the length of the wall of China. From new clothes to the newest gadgets, from school projects to the silly things you want to spend on in general, there are just never enough money to spend for them all, [...]

Monthly Budget Software Reviews


Budgeting money on a monthly basis may look easy but the truth of the matter is that, it’s not. Those who are inexperienced in budgeting for a household or even for personal expenses will definitely have a hard time keeping up with the expenses and the money to pay for them. If you’re one of [...]

Top 3 Free Online Budget Planners


The majority of the population are working to make ends meet. They have a hard time balancing their expenses and their finances. For a lot of people, a budget planner is a necessary tool in order to help them organize both their liabilities and investments. However, budgeting planning software often take a hefty price and [...]

Home Budget Planners – Ways to Plan Your Household Budget

budget planner

Ask any person who is tasked to budget money for an entire household and they’re going to tell you it’s one of the hardest things they have to do in their entire lives. In the face of the global recession, finances are dreary and expenses skyrocket to the extremes. Fortunately, you’re not alone in this [...]

Monthly Budget Planning – The Definitive Guide

monthly budget

There is no job more difficult than budgeting money. Whether you’re thinking on how to budget your personal finances or for household expenses, it’s hard to balance the things you have to spend on for a limited amount of cash. It’s a good thing you’re not alone in your ordeal. This article lists the things [...]

Tips on Describing Your Workplace Teamwork Skills In A Resume


The employment rate is rapidly dwindling as the number of companies being dredged towards bankruptcy skyrockets in the face of the global recession. More and more employees lose their jobs or become increasingly desperate to find job openings. The word competitive has become the understatement in the business world. To become hired on a job [...]

Games That Can Improve Your Communication Skills Quickly


Experts have long agreed that playtime for kids can actually help them grow and develop new skills. However, not all people are aware that communication skills games can also be used to help improve communication skills and interaction between groups of people. You heard that right. Just like kids learn from playing dolls or tag-you’re-it [...]

Assertive Communication Skills for Professionals

assertive communcation

Compared to being aggressive or submissive, assertiveness is considered to be a skill in the workplace. Being assertive means having the capability to convey both positive and negative emotions and thoughts to other people in an honest and straightforward manner. Assertive communication skills for professionals are important in the world of employment because it promotes [...]

Here’s How to Do a Resume


The strenuous process of applying for a job is a necessity if you want to survive in the world of employment. Among all the important steps in applying for a job is learning how to do a resume. Although resume writing is taught in schools as early as in middle school, only a few knows [...]

A Large List of Free Resume Templates, Examples and Formats


Anyone who has ever applied for a job knows that writing a professional resume is an important factor to being hired. However, not everyone can come up with a resume that is worth the scrutiny of human resource managers in numerous companies out there. And when you don’t have sterling resume, your chances of ever [...]

The Basics of Creating A Resume in Microsoft Word


For a lot of people, Microsoft Word has provided immense help for thesis, research papers and the like. It is also a commonly used tool when creating a resume. A resume is often used to serve as an initial introduction to prospective employers. However, not everyone knows how to make a resume through Microsoft Word. [...]

IT Resume Templates and Examples


There’s no denying the fact that the world is overrun with technology. From the business world to the medical field, technology has provided various ways of comfort and improvement to this society. That’s probably one of the reasons why there are an increasing number of job openings for information technology specialists. However, before you get [...]

Resume Covering Letter – Tips and Examples of Writing A Cover Letter For Resume


Are you having a hard time getting hired on the jobs you apply for? Do you have a difficult time getting past the initial screening? Writing a resume covering letter to accompany your job application can make a difference between getting an interview or not. A cover letter is considered to be a letter of [...]

Guide To Writing An Effective Personal Resume (Formatting and Examples Included)

personal resume

These days, knowing how to write an effective personal resume is important to be able to get the job you’ve applied for. A resume is considered to be the first line of the hiring process in companies nowadays since it is the first thing that the prospective employers get a glimpse of all the aspiring [...]

Free Teaching Resume Templates


Teaching is a glorious and respectable job. Not only do you gain personal satisfaction on earning rapport with children, you also get national pride knowing that your country’s children are educated because of you. However, before you can start working as a teacher, you need to apply for a teaching job in various educational institutions [...]

Should You Use A Resume Wizard to Create Your Resume?

resume wizard

Resume writing is a painstaking but necessary task every single candidate has to undergo in order to have a shot at filling a vacant job opening. It is important to make your resume one of the best out there since it is considered to be the first line of screening by most human resource managers. [...]

Resume Software Review – Top 3 Resume Software Downloads

resume maker

The times are changing fast. In the past, resumes were typewritten in order to create a clean and presentable piece of paper to prospective employers. Now, there is already software made specifically to write resumes for people who are trying to find a job position. Although resumes can also be created out of a decent [...]

Should You Waste Your Money On A Resume Review Service?


There’s no denying the fact that in the world of employment, the competition is steep. Job openings decrease while the number of those interested to fill up the said positions dramatically increase. Since there are others vying for the same job position you’ve been intending to be hired on, it is also imperative that you [...]

Resume Objective Examples – How to Write A Great Resume Objective Statement

resume objective

It is not a secret that submitting a reputable, honest and well-thought out resume is important in the process of being hired. It is the initial preview of a prospective employer into your capabilities, skills and experience, which will also signify what you can offer for the company that no one else can. For a [...]

Guide to Sales Resume Examples and Key Words


In today’s world where the rate of employment is dwindling due to the global recession, it is important to make an overall good impression with anything that comes in contact with your potential employer. With that said, writing a resume to submit needs to be done with meticulousness, caution and honesty. Nowadays, human resource managers [...]

How to Find Low Cost Franchises for Sale


An increasing number of people are starting up their own businesses. Instead of becoming an employee for other people and resenting authority figures boss them around, they concluded that having their own business is the perfect career for them. Starting the business world with low cost franchises is one of the most ideal ways to [...]

Top 5 High Return Investments With Low Risk


Most of the time, people innately have an avoidant nature when it comes to taking risks, especially when it comes to monetary matters. For example, in the world of Forex trading, being impulsive in investments often leads to a financial rumble that would be difficult to get out of. For a lot of investors, finding [...]

3 Forex Money Management Tips That Every Trader Should Know


Speculating on  foreign exchange (forex) markets is one way that entrepreneurial people can make a living from home. I have been trading forex for around 2 years now on a part time basis and one of the most important aspects I had to learn about forex trading was money management. It is important for every [...]

Tips for Handling Your Transition To Becoming Self Employed

self employed

Most of us desire to own a business venture and become an entrepreneur as we grow up but not all are able to cut their way through the hindrances with persistence and willpower and leave the road to success just at the brink of achievement. For an aspiring entrepreneur it is important to achieve and [...]

The Pros and Cons of Choosing a Travel Agency Franchise


In spite of recession and competition, travel industry has grown tremendously over the last few years. Regardless of other factors, neither people have stopped taking their occasional much needed vacations, nor have companies compromised on necessary business travel. In fact, according to the Best Western advisory board, more than 80% of ‘unmanaged’ business travelers have [...]