How To Start A Budget Plan From Scratch


Anybody who wants to live an organised and debt-free life needs to have a budget plan. Just think; in the UK, the Chancellor of the Exchequer has a budget and he lives by that budget. Now, if such a financially savvy personality will insist on living on a budget, it is a clear indication that [...]

My Campus Book Rentals Review

college text books

I am a full-time student on a very limited budget.  While attending college does give me the opportunity to expand my knowledge, purchasing text books can really put a hole in my pocketbook.  When I came across, I was excited at the opportunity to save money.  Campus Book Rentals is an online service that [...]

My Couponizer Review – Do You Need This Coupon Organizer?


Couponing is more than just a way to save money, as it is also a lifestyle for a lot of people.  An avid coupon user such as myself have come to value not just the practice of collecting clippings but also organizing them in a very systematic manner.  Since I started coupons, I found that [...]

3 Ways to Get Cheap Textbooks for College

college textbooks

You may be looking for ways to get cheap textbooks for college, to save on expenses.  After all, attending school can be pricey, with tuition fees and housing costs quickly adding up.  The last thing you need is to spend top dollar on your textbooks, which you will probably never open again once your class [...]

Rent College Textbooks: Save Money By Using This Recommended Service

college text books

Did you know that renting college textbooks can save you money this semester?  While attending college can be a time of tremendous learning and exciting events, it can also be quite expensive as well.  Costs for everything are rising, and higher education is no exception.  You may have seen the tuition rate per credit hour [...]

How to Organize Coupons: My Tips

organizing coupons

Using coupons is one of the best ways to save money and provide better for one’s family.  If you are thinking of becoming a frequent coupon user, it is necessary that you understand how they should be organized so you can always have the clippings you need when you need them.  Below are some tips [...]

Student Debit Cards: Prevent Student Debt with A Prepaid Debit Card

student debt

Well, the time has come; my little girl has gone off to college. I knew it was coming and I prepared for it as much as I could but it still seemed to rush up on me before I was ready. So many things to take care of, so many things to do – and [...]

My Top 5 Personal Money Management Tips

money management

People, as I’ve always observed, do experience difficulties regarding personal money management. I’ve also been there, spending like crazy to finally realize that I’ve overlooked my expenses and didn’t save a dollar. It’s hard especially when there’s a sudden need for cash. That is why it’s always important to save. Saving isn’t really hard at [...]

Student Budget Planning Worksheet Tips and Advice


Financial status-wise, there is nothing harder than being a student. Think about it, you have expenses the length of the wall of China. From new clothes to the newest gadgets, from school projects to the silly things you want to spend on in general, there are just never enough money to spend for them all, [...]

Monthly Budget Software Reviews


Budgeting money on a monthly basis may look easy but the truth of the matter is that, it’s not. Those who are inexperienced in budgeting for a household or even for personal expenses will definitely have a hard time keeping up with the expenses and the money to pay for them. If you’re one of [...]

Top 3 Free Online Budget Planners


The majority of the population are working to make ends meet. They have a hard time balancing their expenses and their finances. For a lot of people, a budget planner is a necessary tool in order to help them organize both their liabilities and investments. However, budgeting planning software often take a hefty price and [...]

Home Budget Planners – Ways to Plan Your Household Budget

budget planner

Ask any person who is tasked to budget money for an entire household and they’re going to tell you it’s one of the hardest things they have to do in their entire lives. In the face of the global recession, finances are dreary and expenses skyrocket to the extremes. Fortunately, you’re not alone in this [...]

Monthly Budget Planning – The Definitive Guide

monthly budget

There is no job more difficult than budgeting money. Whether you’re thinking on how to budget your personal finances or for household expenses, it’s hard to balance the things you have to spend on for a limited amount of cash. It’s a good thing you’re not alone in your ordeal. This article lists the things [...]