Product Testing Jobs: How to Become A Product Tester


Product testing jobs and opportunities are available to anyone who wants to make a little extra income or obtain coupons or products for free. So, how do you become a product tester? Before you find out what steps to take, you should understand why companies seek the services of a product tester as well as [...]

Studiopress Review – My Experience With Studiopress Themes


When it comes to working with WordPress, one stumbling block that many people face is creating a great design. I have been using the WordPress platform for over 4 years and have created over 50 sites. One of the reasons why I have been able to do this is because I used pre-made WordPress themes.  [...]

What Business Email Format Should You Use?

business email format

Use a Professional Approach While a business email format is not a difficult template to follow, the email still should be set up correctly as it is a reflection on your brand and business. Therefore, it is essential to outline the email in a professional manner. Keep the Title Short yet Explanatory The format you [...]

5 Creative Business Proposal Ideas To Guarantee Funding

business proposal ideas

Business Proposal Ideas that will Get you Noticed Are you looking to gain acceptance to finance a business proposal or plan? Well then, you just need to promote your proposal in such a way that will encourage the lender to regard the benefits of funding your business. Therefore, you need to influence the financial decision-makers [...]

How To Write A Business Proposal Letter


A Cover Letter for a Business Proposal A business proposal letter is a type of cover letter that summarizes a business proposal and therefore is a professional means of communication between a seller and prospective buyer. This type of correspondence provides a summary of the business proposal and therefore should be convincing and well-organized. The [...]

Writing a Business Plan: 5 Rules That You Must Follow

business plan

Writing a business plan gives you the organizational framework you need to ensure organizational success. Therefore, it is important to follow some key rules when constructing the plan. These rules direct you in writing a business plan that is comprehensive as well as organized. You might say that a business plan is not set in [...]

5 Things You Will Learn At A Presentation Skills Training Course

presentation skills

  In my line of work I have to give presentations to both adults and children. It is true that effective presenters are not born but made. I’ve listed below a few simple but highly effective pointers that you will learn at any Presentation Skills Training Course. 1. Fear is your Friend – Stage fright [...]

Free Online Resume Builders – Should You Use Them?


Everything is done express nowadays. Haven’t had breakfast yet? Drive through the nearest McDonald’s branch and get your breakfast right after ordering. Need to transfer funds from one bank account to another? Don’t fall in line anymore, there’s mobile banking that can take care of your transactions in minutes. With more and more people depending [...]

Tips for Handling Your Transition To Becoming Self Employed

self employed

Most of us desire to own a business venture and become an entrepreneur as we grow up but not all are able to cut their way through the hindrances with persistence and willpower and leave the road to success just at the brink of achievement. For an aspiring entrepreneur it is important to achieve and [...]

The Pros and Cons of Choosing a Travel Agency Franchise


In spite of recession and competition, travel industry has grown tremendously over the last few years. Regardless of other factors, neither people have stopped taking their occasional much needed vacations, nor have companies compromised on necessary business travel. In fact, according to the Best Western advisory board, more than 80% of ‘unmanaged’ business travelers have [...]