My Top 3 Recommended Self Confidence Books

self confidence

Reading and applying knowledge gained from self confidence books has helped millions of people overcome self esteem issues. Authors who write these books give their readers valuable insights that can literally change their lives. After reading a book of this nature many people are able to learn life skills that can assist them in staying [...]

Top 3 Games to Improve Memory


Are you looking for games that will enhance your memory? Did you know that there are actually games that can help your memory to be enhanced? There are actually a lot of games to improve memory, but these three memory games will take your memory into a higher level. Playing certain games can help exercise [...]

6 Tips on Improving Written Communication Skills


In my career as a teacher and a content writer, I face the daily challenge of helping others improve their written communication skills, while constantly trying to enhance my own. The following simple tips cut right to the core issues of effective writing, so I sincerely hope they inspire you to improve your own writing. [...]

7 Tips to Improve Communication Skills Quickly

improve communication skills

Delivering speeches openly in front of the people or speaking to an audience composed of many persons is an art. Having good communication skills can be very helpful in business and in life. For example, it can be used to persuade others to one’s own point of view or thinking by being able to convey [...]

How to Improve Your Self Confidence with Women

self confidence with women

Self confidence has always been a big deal when it comes to meeting and dating people.  It may be easy to think that you have it but once you are in a situation that calls for it, you would be surprised at how difficult it is to emit just the right confidence to make it [...]

Top 5 Confidence Building Exercises

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Living in anxiety and fear is extremely hard to go through, especially if you hope to be a speaker or performer one day. The truth is that confidence is needed in order for all of that anxiety to disappear, or in some cases, at least fade away so that you will have much more self [...]

10 Effective Self Confidence Boosters


Having self confidence is considered to be an important aspect in getting ahead of the pack. When you don’t have any confidence in your own abilities, how can expect other people to place their confidence in you? That’s why gaining self confidence should take precedence when looking for opportunities and career moves. In most cases, [...]

Easy Ways to Develop Self Confidence

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It’s easy to look at other people and think that they have it better. They have better physical appearances, better clothes, better cars and better jobs. Sometimes, we feel miserable and lose our self-confidence just because we feel like there’s no point. Why do we have to feel confident when there are other people who [...]

How to Gain Self Confidence

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These days, it’s difficult to gain self confidence and easier to just live in low self-esteem and continual disgust. A lot of us live by Homer Simpson’s quote of “No matter how good you are, there are always a million people better” consequently causing in low self-confidence. However, having a great deal of self confidence [...]

The Benefits of Effective Communication


Communicating with other people has been inculcated with us ever since we were born. Infants cry to show their needs to their caregivers. Toddlers and preschoolers react with syllables and simple sentences to let other people know what they feel. However, in the work place, just communication is not enough to stand out amongst the [...]