My Top 3 Digital Luggage Scales


Traveling can be a stressful experience especially due to queuing and checking in at the airport. I’m sure many would agree that one of main worries when traveling is having overweight luggage. This may not sound like a huge problem but overweight luggage can mean having to pay extortionate fees or, even worse, being forced [...]

Camera Bag Reviews: Top 3 Camera Bags for Women

camera and travel

These days, it is not enough to simply pull out random items from your closet. People nowadays have become more fashion educated and so we don’t want to be caught by the fashion police, right? So when you are going on a trip, be sure to be ready from head to toe without missing a [...]

New Orleans Cruises – Places You Can Visit

new orleans

New Orleans has quite the reputation as a party town and with Bourbon Street and the yearly Mardi Gras parades that reputation is well deserved. Don’t let that keep you from turning to New Orleans for your next family vacation though. With places like the New Orleans Zoo, the Aquarium of the Americas and a [...]

Top 3 Travel Purses – Organize Your Belongings and Keep Them Safe

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The idea of traveling conjures up some delightful images of adventure, fun and thrill among all of us, yet the effort that goes into packing for a holiday or a business trip can be quite exhausting. Most of us try to stuff as many items as we can in order to ensure that we have [...]

Travel Steamer Reviews – Top 3 Travel Steamers

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A fabric steamer or a garment steamer is a portable ironing device that uses steam to remove wrinkles from clothes. They are especially preferred for the more delicate and expensive fabrics as they prevent damage and other detrimental effects. Although the fabric steamer was invented in the 1940s, this compact and easy to carry steamer [...]

Top 3 Travel Potty for Kids


Originally designed in the form of a chair or a seat, Kids’ potties can be found in many innovative variations to suit different situations and customer preferences. Different styles of potties available for kids include a “potty bench”, “cushioned convertible potty”, “step-stool potty” and “chamber pots”. Some also come equipped with interesting options like bells [...]